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A CM conference that might interest you

We wanted to make sure you all knew that there is still early-bird pricing available for the online conference given each year by A Delectable Education. Erin and I have participated twice now, and we have found it both instructive and inspiring. While we like to watch as many sessions 'live' as we can during the conference, the videos and other materials are all available through May to watch at leisure. It tends to be a LOT of good material for a very reasonable price.

If any of you think you will participate, either from your own home, or perhaps getting together with other moms near you who will attend (which can make it more fun!), we could strategize about how this might benefit LCC.

For example, if each mom or group of moms would commit to watching a particular session (we could divide and conquer!), we could all get together at some later date and present/discuss the material and how we might tweak or improve our implementation of the Charlotte Mason method at LCC.

This is just a thought, and certainly we don't mean to pressure any of you. We just want you to know this is happening, and that you have until January 10th to sign up at the reduced price of $50. After that, registration stays open through February 1st at $75. Let us know if you can sign up, and we can discuss a strategy!

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Looking forward to giving this one a try. ☺️


Okay, I'm going to try it out.


Great! I signed up :-)

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