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A few key reminders...

There are a few things we need our community to keep in mind, so here is a post to address them one by one. Please scan for the items that pertain to you and your family.

1. The new Symposium location is listed on the spreadsheet. Please use your link to take a peek at where we will meet this Friday night for Symposium.

2. We have one High School paper spot left, and one Junior High spot left to fill. Marshall your courage! There are only so many spots in the year, so if we let these go unfilled there will be students who never get a chance to read. You can do it! We believe in you!

3. Please consider bringing LABELED CHAIRS to Symposium Night. Folding chairs, camp chairs or whatever you have that is portable will work. There are some but not enough, so any help you can offer is appreciated. If you could mention how many chairs you can bring with your RSVP that would be helpful.

4. The Symposium night will feature the JH and HS presentation of the music work the students have been doing with Miss Lizzy, so please remind your students that this is part of the evening.

5. This Friday please send your kids with any money they'd like to spend on Christmas gifts. Ms. Sheila has offered to do special Christmas thrift shopping time with them in the afternoon and will likely cut them some great deals! This goes for K-12, so it may be worth prepping your biggest kids to help your little ones if they all want to get Christmas shopping done together Friday afternoon.

6. Father John in Blackstone has asked that we please do not leave purses or other valuables on the tables in the gym as a temptation for others. School bags and lunch boxes are fine. We share the church with all kinds of people, and this should be part of our charity toward all. You might consider locking your cars as well.

7. Please ask your students with email to SUBSCRIBE and register on the website. This will provide a bigger net in each family to catch the LCC reminders that come through. As moms we might admit that sometimes our students are better at these details than we are! Also, many of the announcements pertain directly to them. We are NOT asking you to give email to any students who don't already have it! But if that is already part of your student's life and you don't mind, we'd appreciate their participation.

8. Finally, if you are a CM teacher, please remember that


We would love to have these ready to go to review for next week, so if you could get them in by this evening that would be wonderful. Please use this link to access the google doc:

Thanks for bearing with us through a long list!

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