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A Midsummer Night's Movie

Thanks to Mr. Kuefler behind the camera, you can all have a look at yourselves on the stage! Film can't quite capture the magic of the live performance, but it can be such a treat to look back at the footage to remember such a lovely evening. Thank you Mr. Kuefler, for filming!

Thanks to Mr. Conner for figuring out how to make the movie available. The file is available to download, though be forewarned it is a very large file. Please contact Mr. Conner if you would like the download.

Perhaps easier is watching the play on YouTube! It has been loaded as an unlisted file, so only those with the link can find it. PLEASE KINDLY REFRAIN FROM POSTING TO SOCIAL MEDIA, or making it public in other ways. You can of course use your discretion for sharing with family and friends.

The link will be sent to you via email shortly. Enjoy!!

Anyone up for throwing a watch-party in late summer?

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Aug 03, 2023

Thank you!! We would love to gather and watch together!!

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