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A 'Welcome Winter!' Health Survey

Hello LCC families! Blessings on your Epiphanytide! Our time together tomorrow is fast approaching, but it is becoming apparent that a health status check-in family by family is in order.

For example, while the Wassells enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St. Stephen's Day, it was downhill from there. The rest of Christmastide was spent in isolation for many of us. We have made it through, thanks be to God! Only Millie, Freddy and myself have residual coughs and perhaps low energy. But what about the rest of you? The Conner middle-kids are down for the count. A few other reports are rolling in.

Basically, we need to assess who is planning to be at LCC tomorrow in order to make decisions about subs, Afternoon Occupations, and the general ordering of the day ( for example, snow time at Shaw? Too ambitious?).

PLEASE R.S.V.P. what your numbers look like for tomorrow, especially noting any teacher absences. We will report back this evening if any significant changes need to be made to our plans.

Sadly, we have to think about these health issues as the new normal through cold and flu season. Please bear with us as we sort out what our response should generally be. Feel free to note your opinions in your response! Obviously we trust all of you to make the best call for your family.

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The Hares are well but with lingering coughs from a Christmas cold. Emmet and I will be there tomorrow. Mike happens to be working from home so he’s going to keep Violet.


The Farnham’s seem to be fine. If it’s a question of taking a day off I’m all for it. I’d love some more time to tackle my house and avoid Lucy getting sick.

Replying to

Ashley. it’s very understandable that you would want to keep the baby away from the germs!


Phoebe is pretty sick with a multi symptom virus. She won’t be at LCC tomorrow. If no one else gets sick over night, the rest of us will be there. If it spreads we will stay home.


Hines family is ok, we plan on being there tomorrow


Lilly and is well, and I have a mild cold. We will be there!


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