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Afternoon Improvements

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Thank you all for bearing with us as we sort out what our Afternoon Occupations should look like. There has been a lot of great work done by the students so far! We know we can streamline things though, and that there have been moments where you've probably been unsure what you are supposed to be doing. Sorry about that. So, here is our first attempt at getting better. Please share your feedback!


(this is for Forms 1 and 2 since the bigger kids go back to class...but they show up later!)

NOON Lunch. (outside if possible!)

Around 12:30: BEFORE your kids run away to play, let's all work on the HABIT of getting lunch stuff returned to family bins, and family bins loaded into cars. Have your line ready: "Are you done eating? Great, you can run around and play AFTER you put all of your stuff in our family bin and line it up outside ready to go. Just save out your nature study backpack." (You can either have kids put the bin in your car, or get it ready for you to do so) .

12:30 - 12:45 Recess! It seems so good for them to just run around a little with some downtime. The quicker they clean and load, the more playtime!

12:45 or so until a Shaw Farm departure: Either a Dance or a Field Game. (Annalisa and/or Jena). This window will allow moms to pack up and ready for the departure in more of a gush than a trickle.

1:00 Departure to Shaw...Let's really drive away by 1:00 if possible, with all family gear cleaned up and packed up behind us.

*In truly foul weather, this cleanup routine will need to be amended...let's cross that bridge when we come to it.

AT SHAW: (same pattern for all ages, as they arrive in waves)

The "Normal" pattern is that upon arrival, SPECIAL STUDIES teachers offer anything they have (it's okay if this isn't every time! It might be as simple as 'keep an eye out for this thing I heard should be blooming right now,' or a simple reminder that you have a box with some books in it should they need it. Sometimes it might be more like a 'lesson' that you offer, but briefly).

THEN, students may break into groups to either walk in the woods, spend time at the pond or in the fields. OR, if some would rather sit and work on handwork or other note booking pursuits, that's fine too. See below:


• SEVERAL MOMS NEEDED TO LEAD RAMBLES (which is what Charlotte called the walks)

• Scouting with Susan and Jena

• Special Studies 'dig in' with the bins and Cristie, Sarah, Sara and Jackie.

• Handwork with Mo (other helpers welcome)

• Nature Study Lore and notebook "support" with Christina

• General Notebooking "support" with a still TBD volunteer (anyone? This might look like being on deck for helping kids know that Book of Centuries or Commonplace Book work or other class Archives are fine options here too. There could be a bin you bring to Shaw to support this with nice pens, timeline books, etc.)

• More Dancing with Annalisa when a critical mass of kids emerges

Baby Room Kids with Amanda and Kaedra, Ashley for now...other helpers required.


(again, mostly describing younger kid stuff here at first)

NOON Lunch (outside if possible!)

Around 12:30: Same pattern as Tuesday...BEFORE your kids run away to play, clean-up habits engaged! Bins can be either readied to load, lined up in the gym, or actually loaded into cars. The more we do at this moment, the more leisurely the afternoon time will feel.

12:30-12:45: the same "recess"

12:45-1:00: either a dance or a field game (Annalisa/Jena)


1:00 pm - All 'stations' should be ready and available so that students can walk about to choose their work. This hopefully looks like:

• Scouting w/ Susan and Jena

• More Dancing with Annalisa when it makes sense

• Clay Modeling with Kaedra

• Handwork with Mo (other helpers welcome)

• Paperfolding with Ashley (her replacement will be needed soon!)

• Sloyd with Christina (though another volunteer here would be great)

• Blobs with Joannie/Erin (this is brushstroke practice)

• Special Studies 'dig in' with the bin and Cristie and Sarah

Upper Form options (ready for them after 2:15):

• Special Studies 'dig in' with Sara and Jackie

• Scouting with Susan and Jena

• Illumination with ????/ Erin. (to support our medieval stream this year...a bin of fancy markers and medieval style lettering and illustration embellish all notebooks!)

• Book of Centuries work (VOLUNTEER should have this notebook to work in for yourself)

• Commonplace Book work/ other note booking support (history or science archives etc.) (VOLUNTEER should have this notebook to work in for yourself)

• Handwork with Mo always an option, other helpers welcome

• Blobs with Joannie/Erin for bigger kids who want brush drawing practice always an option

Baby Room Kids with Amanda and Gina, ...other helpers required.

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Sep 17, 2023

I will try to learn English grammar too.


Sep 17, 2023

I keep a book of quotes that I am happy to bring in and work on - I'm not sure if that qualifies as a Commonplace Book. I also happy to be a Centuries Book /archiving volunteer. Joanna

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