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Attention all JH and HS Science Students (and Parents)!

Next week is a new term, and you will need the book for the next Science Stream.  Please check below for your student’s class, and get the required book ASAP. We should have reminded you of this earlier. Our apologies! If anyone does not have Prime shipping (probably in most cases the easiest way to get many of these books in two days time) please do reach out. We can order for you and collect the cash later.

For JH / Forms 3 & 4 Science, for your Annunciation Term on Zoology (with Mrs. Donnelly), please get:

Nature’s Beautiful Order, available from Memoria Press,

Or amazon,

For HS/ 10th grade Science, for your Annunciation Term on Physics (with Mrs. Holmquist), please get:

Paul Fleisher, first four books of Secrets of the Universe, available from

You may choose to get the four books individually ($12 each: Matter and Energy; Waves; Liquids and Gasses; Objects in Motion), or the complete set (including the fifth one on Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, which will not be used in this class, for a discounted price of $54).

For HS 11th & 12th grade Science, for your Annunciation Term on Ecology (with Mrs. Hughes), please get:


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