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Best Halloween judgement please...

Many, many children at this point have asked about wearing costumes tomorrow. Perhaps none of us wants to be 'the bad guy,' so we we are asking each family to use best judgement. We trust that those of you who are enthusiastic about Halloween will go trick-or-treating in the evening, so we would love to confine the major festivities you will engage in to that evening family time. That being said, we are not going to make a million rules about how you may want to be 'festive.' We would simply ask you to consider the following:

  1. Please don't let any costumes be distracting to the point of interfering with the precious time we have for school. Costumes should not distract the wearer (nothing itchy, uncomfortable, fidgety etc.) or the children around the wearer.

  2. Nothing about a costume should violate the policies around modesty in the dress code.

  3. Nothing in any costume should be at all scary to the many small children present in the school day...some of whom are very sensitive about scary things. Rubber, whole-face masks are absolutely prohibited, as they are terrifying to the little ones. Face paint of the whole-face variety also seems...a bit much for school.

Those points being said, we will leave any minimalist, creative Halloween decisions up to you. If people are fully clothed and not terrifying or fidgeting all day, we'll call it all good.

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