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Books...a few changes that need your attention.

First of all, THANK YOU for coming to our first annual EPD! It was a great pleasure to see and touch base with all of you, and your help is greatly appreciated. An all-school effort is just what we needed to feel like this school year is ready to fly!

A special thank you to Mrs. Kuefler, who really put the E in EPD. It seemed she was cheffing and cleaning and pampering the workers all day. She managed to do so much for coursework, organizing and somehow managed to provide hospitality at the same time. Joannie, we adore you. Thank you so much.

All of you were so helpful, and positive, and kind! Really, thank you for boosting the spirit of our efforts. May God reward you!

Finally, please note the following changes:

The Form 3 & 4 Literature students now need this book:

This material was formerly covered in a packet, but it will be cheaper to buy (5 bucks) than print, as it is rather long.

Henry V is no longer needed for the Lit course this year. If you already purchased and feel stuck with something let us know...we will try to amend.

Formerly, the Njal saga book [Njal’s Saga, trans. Magnus Magnusson & Herman Palsson, Penguin Classics 014-0441034] was slated for Forms 3 & 4, but we will instead use it for high school as well. If you have a kid in each class, you only need 1 copy. (this is a correction...thank you Mr. Bleecker!)

There may be more notes on the way, but this is a good start.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the next 2 days for our work days in Sutton and Blackstone!


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Aug 29, 2023

When do Forms 3 and 4 need the Arthurian Legends?

Sep 01, 2023
Replying to

Mr. Bleecker says: They’ll need to read the first third of “Yvain” by Friday, 9/15. So, it would be good to secure a copy by the 12th.

(Also, a reminder... if you sign in, then we know who you are and can reach out! I would just email you... but... I can't tell who it is!)


Tim Bleecker
Tim Bleecker
Aug 29, 2023

Njal’s Saga is actually needed in BOTH the JH and HS classes. Sorry for the confusion.

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