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Botany texts and supplies...

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Petullo is going to take the botany class! She is pulling together a very exciting course using two texts. Here is the info you will need:


Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification by Thomas J. Elpel.

The Book of Trees (2nd Edition) by Sean Brooks, Memoria Press


1. A blank (unlined) hardback sketchbook. Your choice of binding (spiral or solid). Heavier paper is best. These often come cheaper in multi-packs, if parents want to buy together to save. Something like this would be great:

2. A simple three ring binder (1 inch or so...if you already have something it can work!). Reinforced college ruled paper inside, as well as a pocket folder or 2 for handouts.

3. An inexpensive magnifying hand lens, 10X magnification. If you already have something at home, great! Here is an inexpensive 3 pack if parents want to coordinate:

Here is a single:

4. Colored pencils or markers for coloring diagrams. Watercolors or watercolor pencils are welcome if you prefer.

Thanks for your patience on this one!

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Aug 21, 2022

Hooray for Mrs Petullo!

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