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Bundle up...and bring something to sit on

Just a remind that we WILL go to Shaw Farm tomorrow, and it is expected to be rather COLD. With the rain today, the ground promises to be at least damp. Please remember to bring whatever warm gear your kids will need to be comfortable, (rainboots!) and to account for notebooking time on the ground with something waterproof under your blanket (or some such).

Maybe this is further incentive to avoid costumes, except the most minimal accessories? Make sure anything you wear is Shaw-Farm-Friendly. Also, to be clear, any festive-wear is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. Many children will not be wearing costumes.

ALSO: TRUNK-OR-TRADE TAKE 2 will happen on Friday.

As we discussed, many of us didn't get the chance to really prepare for the

Trunk-or-Trade once the details of the dance came together.

If you'd like to open up your trunk for sharing, please get things ready for this coming Friday, and we'll give it another go!

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