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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Atrium at LCC?

Please see this exciting note from Jackie Penny:

Good afternoon!

As the weather starts to get cooler, we are starting to look to things we can do inside with the baby room in the morning.

We are in the process of exploring a blended Level 1 and Level T (T = infant/toddler) mini-atrium at LCC when we are at the Blackstone property on Fridays. This would allow us to potentially visit the church for a tour/vestments viewing (if Fr. Larochelle is amenable) and some of the other presentations for those interested. There is also more space for us to press into service a more “portable” atrium which we could set up and pack up when finished (and put into one of Erin’s handy black bins between weeks!)

We are thinking this could potentially run from 10:30-11:30 in one of the designated ‘baby spaces’

If you are interested in this for your child/ren please let me know and I can give you a list of some of the considered themes we would work on (and those we will not cover).

This is still very much a work in progress; we are still gathering supplies and items for the presentations, practical life, etc. Maybe the way this works is at some point in the next few weeks I can set up what it *might* look like and then you will have a chance to explore and ask questions (?) For those familiar with the Clinton CGS Level I Atrium, this will look similar (with the adding of items for the youngest children), but some of the practical life and extension works (like with Biblical geography and liturgical colors) would be different. This would be to offer those who are in both places variety.

I am happy to discuss if you are interested! However, as this falls under faith formation, I really want to make sure all the mothers with children who might participate are okay with this before we think about beginning,

Thank you for considering!


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