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Citizenship: Ourselves and Plutarch...the plan

Here is the promised information about how to proceed with Citizenship in the various forms. Sorry for the delay! It has been a little complicated sorting out how to handle things.


Tentative meeting dates FOR CITIZENSHIP TEAS:

1) October 31. 2) January 16. 3) March 12. 4) May 14.

Please put these dates on your school calendars. They are tentative because if they fall on Tuesdays with beautiful weather, we may push them out and save them for rainy days. We will see. Your readings should be completed, in general, for these dates.


Our copy is the first half of Ourselves, intended to be read over 2 years.

The cost comes to $20 per book and will arrive next week. If you truly do not want to make this purchase because you already have a copy of Ourselves in another edition, that is fine. (we will save the books for the future) However, the onus of breaking up the reading schedule of the edition we are using will have to be undertaken by your family. We attempted to do this, and it was going to take a LONG time. Eventually the readings get broken down in a way that does not easily translate to other editions. When the books arrive we can discuss payment options (Venmo, cash, etc.)

Let's cover this for the oldest students down through the younger...

For Seniors and Juniors (both those of you in the Econ class and NOT) you will be studying this copy of Ourselves with Mrs. Holmquist over the course of THIS ONE YEAR. She will give you the reading schedule if you don't already have it. Students should be prepared to put their notebooks (which we have for you) in the bin on Friday mornings for a 'progress check.' They will be turned back by your last class of the day to take home.

For Sophomores and Freshman, you will be reading with Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Hare. When the books arrive, they will help you to adjust the schedule a bit and to get started. Students should similarly be prepared to put their notebooks in the bin on Friday mornings for a 'progress check.' They will be turned back by your last class of the day to take home.

PARENTS, IT WOULD BE EXCELLENT IF YOU COULD READ ALONG WITH YOUR STUDENT. The reading is truly minimal, and discussion in the context of the family will really bear fruit.

FOR FORMS 2A & 3: PLUTARCH'S LIVES...A Citizenship study at home.

Beginning in Form 2, Charlotte Mason had students study “Citizenship,” which importantly involved the study of Plutarch’s Lives. In order to offer our children as much of the feast as we can, the Form 2A (5th and 6th graders), and Form 3 (7th and 8th graders) are invited to join us in reading Plutarch this year.

This is not an official “class,” and we are not technically assigning “homework;” rather, families would commit to assigning for their students the reading of two Lives over the course of the year.

This year, we will study Phocion of Athens and Cato the Younger.

LCC tutors (Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. Dunning, Mrs. Glennon, and Mrs. Conner) will plan two “Plutarch Teas” for each Life—one half way through, and one at the end—so 4 meetings over the course of the year. Students will meet with Tutors to read narrations and discuss the Life.

There are several options for reading. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE:

1. Purchase the Circe Institute publication, The Statesmen, translated by Scot and David Hicks. This is a somewhat more accessible translation, with many helpful notes.

2. Read the Dryden translation (widely available).

3. Listen to the Dryden translation on audiobook (and preferably, follow along with the text).

4. Read another translation which you already own. Mrs. Glennon believes the North is the one Shakespeare used. The Robin Waterfield is supposedly also more accessible. (But for this option, you will need to make up your own schedule please! :)

Here is an interesting history and summary of many of the available translations:

Mrs. Kenny has kindly prepared a schedule for the Dryden and Hicks options. Families may choose whatever works best for them. You may print the relevant schedule for use in your home. (LINK OR COPY GOOGLE DOCS/PDF HERE.)

Plutarch_ Phocion of Athens, reading schedule
Download PDF • 56KB

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Hi, there, Pennys will get the Plutarch translated by Scot and David Hicks (#1) on the list. We also do NOT need a copy of CM's Ourselves. The twins will use the one we have been chipping away at. Thank you!


Right... it's a little confusing... 5-8th grade is doing Plutarch; 9-12th is doing Ourselves. This was the best we could come up with to match Ms. Mason's prescriptions and keep it all manageable.

Sophia and Henry should plan on Plutarch. :)

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