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Citizenship Tea for Forms 2A, 3 & 4

When: Friday, May 24th (during afternoon activities)

We do plan to finish our Phocion conversation!

  Bring your book and notebook and a snack to share!

If you were reading the Life of Phocion in Plutarch (forms 2A and form 3), please do your best to finish the reading.

(We are way behind as well… we apologize that this fell through the cracks!  We are just going to do our best here… some people might read a couple pages a day for the next week; some people might read the rest in one sitting; do whatever you need to do!)

Thank you to Mrs. Kenney for making this happen!

PS:  Speaking of tea… Mrs. Kenney’s form 2B students should plan to have their A Door in the Wall tea on that day as well.  The 2B tea will be at lunch time.

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