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Citizenship Tea Tomorrow...and Exams link

Hello! We are delighted that the citizenship tea has finally arrived. Tomorrow the various Forms will be exploring citizenship, with the accompanying virtues and vices in question through both Plutarch's life of Phocion and through Charlotte Mason's 4th Volume, 'Ourselves.' [Those of you helping with Plutarch may want a peek a the bottom to see the basic approach]

For those teaching Forms 1 and 2, Here is a button to bring you to the doc where you can enter your various exam questions (with the help of the examples provided in a recent post). Only those with access can see...let us know if the button isn't working for you.

Here is the Citizenship Tea Plan...


12:50. Form 2A students gather with Mrs. Conner, Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. Metilly, and Mrs. Dunning in Room 9.

[Meanwhile, Form 2B and Form 1 students finish recess, play a game outdoors in the field with Mrs. Donnelly, and pack up belongings–with available moms (Mrs. Wassell, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Holmquist, Mrs. Hines, Mrs. Penny, Mrs. Garrepy, etc.).]

1:30. All Form 1 and Form 2 students should be ready to go to Shaw as usual.

Drivers: Mrs. Wassell, Mrs. Donnelly, Mrs. Penny, Mrs. Hines, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Garrepy. Form 1 and 2B may leave when they are ready.

Mrs. Metilly will wait for Form 2A to finish their tea and then bring them to Shaw when they are ready.

1:40. Form 3 students gather with Mrs. Conner, Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. Dunning, and Mrs. Glennon in Room 9.

1:40. Form 4 students gather with Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Hare in the lunchroom class space.

1:40. Form 5-6 students gather with Mrs. Holmquist in Room 11.

2:40. All students and remaining teachers finish cleaning with Mrs. Towne, pack up, and meet at Shaw for departure.


Students may bring a snack or treat to share.

Classes will be responsible for cleaning up their room after their tea. (WE CAN PRACTICE GOOD CITIZENSHIP! ;)


  1. Make a general list of virtues and vices on the board for reference.

  2. Narrate what we have read thus far. (This will be a delayed narration; we will do our best to hit the main events and fill in enough details to have something to discuss, though we will not go through every detail. Emphasis will be on the character lessons, not the history lessons.)

  3. Discuss the character of Phocion. What are his virtues? What are his vices? What makes him a good citizen? What doesn’t? What does Plutarch want us to notice about him, especially in contrast to other men of his time?

  4. How do the virtues and vices we see in Phocion help us think of virtues and vices we see in leaders today (political, religious, moral, other…)?

  5. Practice good citizenship and clean up!

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07 nov. 2023

Thank you for this! The twins got a lot out of it!

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