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Composer Study Notes and Links...and a thank you!

Many thanks to all of our helpers on the Sutton Chain of Lights! We made a great contribution, and the church is pleased. Many groups of children heard the account of our Lord's birth from the Bible *for the first time*! Many delicious lunches were served. Sports equipment was successfully sold. Truly, thank you to those of you who sacrificed precious Saturday time!

The following are notes from Mrs. Dunning about our Candlemas Term Composer Study on Benjamin Britten. We hope it is something whole families can enjoy, even if its the Form I and II's that will be focusing on it at LCC.

  • (11/27) The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra - orchestral theme and variations.

Theme A - full orchestra

Theme B - woodwinds

Theme C - brass

Theme D - strings

Theme E - percussion

Theme F - full orchestra

  • (12/4) The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra


  • (12/13) The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra


Christmas Break - Please listen ahead and enjoy the next selection, Ceremony of Carols, during the Christmas season before we resume classes in January.

  • (1/8) Ceremony of Carols - treble choir with harp

  • (1/15) Ceremony of Carols

  • (1/22) (12/11) Serenade for Tenor, Horn, and Strings

    • 2. Nocturne - The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls, by Tennyson

A nocturne is a sentimental piece without a set form.

  • 3. Elegy - O Rose, thou art sick, by Blake

An elegy is a melancholy piece, often in honor of someone who has died.

  • 4. Dirge - This Ae Night, by anon.

A dirge is a funeral hymn, or piece written to commemorate the dead.

  • (1/29) Albert Herring, Billy Budd, or Peter Grimes - operas

  • (2/5) War Requiem - Requiem Mass juxtaposed with poems of WWI soldier, Wilfred Owen. Written for the reconstruction of Coventry Cathedral following WWII.

  • (2/12) War Requiem

  • (2/19) Suite on English Folk Tunes for orchestra

  • (2/26) Suite on English Folk Tunes for orchestra

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Susan Holmquist
Susan Holmquist
04 груд. 2023 р.

Annalisa, thank you for your work putting together the wonderful playlist for Candlemas Term!

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