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Dancing the Night Away...last minute notes

We are so excited for the dance this evening!

It should be a lovely way to ring in the Thanksgiving break.

Here are a few things to consider before you come.

  1. If you have a floor lamp (or 2, or 3) that is easy to bring please do! (even better if you have an accompanying extension cord or power strip). We are going to do our best with lighting but did not have the chance to test things out. Let's hope we can make a lovely space together, even if it is the gym.

  2. Please consider adding an easy extra bag of chips, pretzels or the like to your contribution. We don't usually attempt to feed whole families, and we want to make sure little kids don't gobble all the sustaining snacks for dancers.

  3. The gym will be cold upon arrival until we heat it up with glorious dancing energy. Please wear layers to keep you warm until the dancing spirit kicks into high gear. Adults and little kiddos who may not be dancing as much should consider nice cozy sweaters. There will be a movie for little ones in another room, but we are unclear on whether the heat will be on or not. Maybe a blanket just in case?

Okay, see you tonight!

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, pray for us!

VENUE: Divine Mercy Parish, St. Paul's Church

48 St. Paul's Street

Blackstone, MA

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