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Drama deadlines...Important!

Please read this very important notice from Mrs. Metilly all the way to the end. You may want to have your calendar or LCC planner ready.

Tuesdays will be line tests. This is to help you push yourselves to be excellent. Here are your deadlines.

Act III on February 6th:


drunken conspirators


Act IV on February 13th:

islanders (Prospero, Miranda, Ferdinand, Ariel, goddesses et. al.)

drunken conspirators

Act V on February 20th:


Act I and II on February 27th: (this is your second shot at these!)




drunken conspirators

*If you have a week where you are NOT scheduled for a test USE IT WISELY! Catch up on lines you missed or study for you next line test.

*We encourage you to watch or listen to videos or recordings. This can really help your scene to sink in.

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