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End of Term Approaches!

This means a few things. First, all teachers from top to bottom in the forms should be thinking about Exam Questions. We are eagerly looking forward to Exams on the week of November 14/17.

Upper Form teachers (HS and JH), feel free to reach out if you need any guidance on how to handle exams. We would love for them to be as 'Charlotte Mason style' as possible, but there is room for balance with the vision you have for your classes.

Lower Form teachers, it's time to begin thinking about what questions will best suit the children in your classes. Please see the documents below to get an idea of what kinds of questions you might pose on exam day. (Access is restricted for privacy so if you are having trouble getting in let us know...we did out best to get all of you but it's easy to make a mistake) EACH CLASS PERIOD IN THE LOWER FORMS GETS AN EXAM IN ITS TIME SLOT. Classes like singing or drill get a 'live exam.' Feel free to ask any questions that come up as you prepare. We will send out a link to this Fall's google doc soon.

Also...Painting on the Docket for Afternoon Occupations Tomorrow!

It's time to take a look at your Term Checklists, to see where more effort might be put in to achieve balance across the various Afternoon Occupations.

Moms, if you could take a look at those with your students this evening, that might help them to plan what they most ought to spend time with tomorrow. (It will also keep you abreast of their progress)

We suspect that brush drawings of fall specimens may be a top contender for things that need more time. To that end, our first work time after some running around tomorrow will be spent in the gym at some tables we will set up for CHILDREN AND MOTHERS to work through a series of warm-ups and a specimen drawing. We think you will really enjoy this, so bring your artist caps! Once students have had enough of this, we will tidy the tables for the JH kids to give it a try while younger kids head outside for Scouting (Remember your Stavs!), Sloyd and Clay. It should be warm, if a bit windy.

See you then!

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Susan Holmquist
Susan Holmquist
Nov 02, 2023

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