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Feel free to join us for Mass in Blackstone tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.

Father Larochelle has graciously offered to say Mass for us, as we mentioned many weeks ago now. (Sorry to send this reminder rather late!) This is just a little reminder that if your commute allows and you desire you come, Mass will be available. It has been offered to his wider community as well, so we may be joined by other homeschoolers who are also kicking off their school year. Mass will take place in the church.

Additionally, after Mass Father John will walk over to the school building with us to bless the building. We hope to warmly show our appreciation of all his support. He really has gone above and beyond to make us welcome.

We imagine there will be a bit of an impromptu meeting to cover some housekeeping details after the blessing, and then students will proceed to their 1st block classes.

We are excited to see you there! It was just wonderful to be together on Tuesday, and we hope you feel the same excitement and hope for a great year that we do. Saints of Bethany, pray for us!

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