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Geometry Homework...a note from your teachers

Hello LCC Geometry students! Mrs. Kuefler and Mrs. Metilly asked for this to be posted. Enjoy!

Ready for Geometry?

To be prepared to have a fabulous first (shorter than usual) class, please read the Introduction "Euclid, the Surfer and the Spotter" and do the exercises (pp 1-5).

Remember to bring your assignment, text, pencil, a few colored pencils, and a 3-ring binder with graph paper inside.

It would be best to have 2-3 dividers to make 3 sections in your notebook:

1. Notes/Glossary

2. Current work

3. Homework that has been submitted and returned.

(Your Solutions Manual can be left in your parent's care... more on that later.)

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday!

Mrs. Metilly and Mrs. Kuefler

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