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Grades! Weather! Payments!

Let's cover those in reverse order.

FIRST: Please note that Mr. Bleecker also no longer wishes to use Venmo for payments. Some steep fees have come into play and it is no longer a good option. Please use Zelle to pay him if possible, unless you decide to use paper checks. (if so, please follow protocol for Mrs. Pohlman's sake!). Mr. Bleecker's Zelle info is as follows:

SECOND: The weather is looking kind of dicey for Friday. We will make any kind of a snow day call by tomorrow evening, but in the meantime, if your family is sick and you know you won't be coming anyway by sometime tomorrow afternoon, could you let either Mrs. Conner or Mrs. Wassell know by email? That kind of info may help us decide, as there appears to be a lot of sickness going around.

FINALLY: If you are a teacher, please check your email for the link to the grading sheet.

We do want grades in by Monday if at all possible. Not a lot of activity in there thus far... Thanks for your help with this. Sorry that it feels like one.more.thing.

Fingers crossed that we see you all Friday!

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