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Great news...and work day info

We have successfully attained insurance for our group! Best of all, the $300 projected family fee is just right to cover our insurance needs, along with our donations to both churches and some other expenses. So, as you budget, you can now count on that number as correct. We are certainly relieved the insurance costs were as reasonable as we'd hoped.

We are hard at work opening an account so that we can accept your payments. Please be prepared to submit them by September 1st. Details on how to do so will be forthcoming.

We continue to wait on a work day for the First Congregational church in Sutton to ready the spaces we will use and to assign classrooms. We hope you'll be willing and flexible when possibilities for a date come through. We are really looking forward to our time in Blackstone tomorrow! Thank you for your responses!

Finally, the Sutton Church did mention one volunteering possibility for our group. There is a longstanding tradition of a Labor Day Breakfast in Sutton, which is a delightful small-town event. Kids would be welcome to show up and help anytime between 7 and noon on Labor Day at the Sutton First Congregational church. We realize you may already have family plans, but promised we'd mention it. Big Wassell boys and Conner girls plan to go, if anyone would like to join. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU'D LIKE MORE INFO OR PLAN TO COME. Thanks for considering!

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