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Homework notes for History and Literature classes (both HS and JH)

Here are a few important notes to keep you on track for our return next Tuesday:

From Mr. Bleecker:

For the HS: Please remember to read chapters 1-7 of Mark Twain’s Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. There’s no writing assignment; just be ready to narrate your deep thoughts on the book so far.

For the JH: You should read Acts I & II of The Tempest for our first class back. You don’t need to write anything, but remember to read actively, and please be ready to share your thoughts about characters and themes.

From Mrs. Glennon:

Greetings and Happy New Year to all!  As a reminder, you are reading pages 264-85 in our lively new Medieval History book, Powers and Thrones by Dan Jones.  {see a previous post for a link to the book if you still need to get it}  To encourage us all to get off to a flying start with it, I'll give a short quiz at the start of class - of the kind you are already accustomed to in American History.

Email me or otherwise run me down with any questions or concerns.  I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.

From Mrs. Wassell for JH Medieval History:

Hello and Happy New Year! A quick note that we will be starting our group essay together in class next week. No prep necessary, but please bring your texts and your thinking caps. Also, IF YOU HAVE A BOOK OF CENTURIES (which you should...though I know they are out of print at Riverbend Press...still waiting for mine) PLEASE BRING IT ALONG. Thanks! Looking forward to it.

From Mrs. Penny for JH American History:

Hello 20th-century American history aficionados! We are going to hit the ground running on Friday the 12th - I’d like you to start to visualize how your FDR spread will look like in your archive (it won’t be due until the following week), but I would like you to read for the 12th:  

Two FDR speeches 

All we have to fear is fear itself 

Read and listen to recording 

(Transcription found here)

A Day Which Will Live in Infamy 

Washington, December 8, 1941

Transcription can be found here: 

Pictorial history of American presidents by Alice Durant (1955) (selection on FDR link to dropbox) 

Selection from Dear Mr President: The Story of Fifty Years in the White House Mail Room (1949) by Joe Morris (chapter 12 - link to dropbox) 

See you next Friday!

Mrs. Penny 

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