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How to pay! And please do.

After much toil and trouble (SO many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Conner & Mr. & Mrs. Pohlman for engineering a spreadsheet system!) we think we have a clear way to both receive your payments, and also to show you a neat and tidy breakdown of your fees for the year.

Please make the mental note that EACH PAYMENT IS A TWO-STEP PROCESS.

  1. Make your payment electronically to the various recipients using the payment service of your choice, i.e. PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. (If you have a strong objection to electronic payments, please discuss how to proceed with the Conners, who can make that accommodation).

  2. Send our bookkeeper Jamie Pohlman ( a forwarded email, screenshot, or photo of whatever receipt you get from your chosen way to pay.


  • Mr. Conner has opened a dedicated bank account for LCC. Any payment toward things like the general family fee will go through Jarrett Conner into the LCC account. His payment usernames across the platforms are:

PayPal: @jarrettbconner

Venmo: @jarrettbconner

  • Sometime before September 5th you will receive a FAMILY INVOICE. It will show each fee to each teacher or to LCC generally, noting when each payment is due. It would be smart to print or save this invoice, planning these payment dates into your calendar and budget. However, we will also remind you in advance of each payment date. Jamie Pohlman has graciously agreed to volunteer in this bookkeeping capacity. Please send payment inquiries to Jamie [] and Cc Erin Conner.

ACTION ITEM: Please pay Jarrett Conner using the 2 Step method described above for your $300 by September 1st.

The next tuition payments will be due September 6th. (See details in your forthcoming Family Invoice).

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31 de ago. de 2022

Would Mr Conner add a picture of the LCC or himself identifying for his PayPal account? It would be nice confirmation that I've found the right person.

01 de set. de 2022
Respondendo a

Sorry - this is Annalisa. I've tried, but I'll try again. Cute picture.

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