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Last Minute Notes

We are closing in on the big start! Here are a few final notes before we cross the finish line.

  1. Our START TIME FOR THE MORNING MEETING is 8:45 A.M. Please arrive with enough time to be seated and ready for that. Aim for 8:30.

  2. If you are in possession of your FAMILY BIN, PLEASE BRING IT.

  3. If you have Form I and/or Form II students PLEASE SEND AN EASY AND TIDY SNACK for the scheduled snack time that will fit in our snack holder (an over-the-door pocket shoe holder). Examples are: Yogurt drink or tube, granola bar, fruit, baggie of crackers etc.

  4. Please check your FAMILY FEE SCHEDULE. (sent via email from Ashley Farnham). Martinmas Term payments are DUE TOMORROW.

We can't wait to see you tomorrow! Praying for a wonderful start to our Lumen Christi Consortium school year.

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