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Lest you worry about a wasted day...

This is the view outside of my window. We really do have a LOT of snow here in the Douglas/Sutton area. Mr. Wassell just measured 7 inches! I was amazed to read a post on the Guardian Angels list-serve that Clinton hardly has any snow and that the roads are fine. I just wanted to reassure all of you that despite what you may see outside of your own windows, it would not have been an easy travel day to Sutton.

I hope you are all at least getting a taste of this beauty! We look forward to being together on Friday.

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The Kenneys are in disbelief that we have no new snow at all today here in NH! Enjoy! We are still notebooking by the fire anyway!


Charlton has about seven inches now so we, (McDonald family), definitely had to stay home. It is beautiful!

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