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Let the book buying begin...again.

Hello everyone. It is time to give you the book lists! PLEASE NOTE: We list here all books and supplies, but your family fee is covering several of the items, especially notebooks. Make sure you don't buy something we have purchased for you already.. If you are buying your books used, please make sure that you purchase the correct edition, and that the ISBN numbers match.

We will begin with NOTEBOOKS NEEDED ACROSS THE CURRICULUM. The Book of Centuries might include entires of people or events you encounter in Lit, Math, Science, History, etc. Your Commonplace book might include quotes from any of the disciplines or readings under study. Your Nature Study Notebook is just as the heart of what we do...observing creation. Here are details about who needs what.

Commonplace Book (for Forms 3 - 6, i.e. 7th - 12th grades)

Any hard-back, blank notebook of your choosing, ruled or unruled, for example:


Book of Centuries (for Forms 2A - Form 6, i.e., 5th - 12th grades)

If you already have one, great. If not, we strongly recommend that you get one of these:

*Please note: Upper form students should have BOTH of these notebooks.

Nature Study Notebook (for students in ALL Forms)

This needs to be water color weight paper (140 lb/ 300 gsm is ideal; get at least 110 lb/ 230 gsm), hard-back or cloth-bound book, ideally at least 5 x 8, probably no bigger than 9 x 12.

*Please note: ALL Students should have a Nature Study Notebook.

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