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Light Snow Plans

Hello LCC families! Just a quick note to say we do see that some snow is in the forecast tomorrow. Our reports all seem to indicate that it will make the commutes a little messy and a little slow, but it really should be light snow most of the day, with just a couple inches of accumulation for most of us.

Our plan IS TO COME TO LCC. Obviously, if anyone is uncomfortable based on your particular circumstances, please just let us know as soon as possible if you will not be with us.

Obviously, your indoor shoes are required, as well as any gear the younger forms might need for outdoor play during the afternoon.

Please have Forms 3 & 4 (JH) students bring Books of Centuries and other notebooks for afternoon time (commonplace, nature study, Archives, etc.). There will be a notebooking station, including a new Illumination station available for them.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow unless you give us a heads up.

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