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Literature homework assignment, HS & JH

Mr. Bleecker had kindly sent along his homework assignments. Please complete the assignment for the first day of class! This will require both the book for week one as well as a dedicated Lit notebook. If you have not yet ordered your book or obtained a notebook, please do! If you plan to use the library system, please double check that the book will arrive with enough time to do the assignment. Driving to a library that has the book is always a good option if it will be tight.

SO, for junior high students, read chapters 1-6 in Gilgamesh the Hero. Write out three questions about the reading.

For the high school students, read half of Gilgamesh, up to “And the head of Humbaba was swinging from a tree” (there are no chapters breaks). Write out three intelligent questions raised for you about the text.

Hop back to the book list post for Literature Class if you need a refresher on what editions of the books we are using. Happy reading!!

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