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Looking around the corner to our next Symposium Night...

It is hard to believe that our next Symposium Night is December 9th! We thought it would be good to check in to get this into the minds of our students. Some things to consider:

If you are an Elementary student, what poem are you considering for recitation? Does it capture a worthy idea to share with the group? Are you practicing reading it through beautifully, with eloquence, annunciation, and flare?

If you are a Junior High student, what could you consider presenting? Is there a topic you've been studying that you'd like to form a brief presentation for? Or, is there a poet whose body of work you've been reading who you could present on? We are especially hoping for some 9th grade volunteers this time around. Ideas and parameters can be found here:

If you are a High School student, do you have a paper you'd be willing to polish and share with us? We hope some courageous volunteers will step up to maker our night interesting and thought provoking.

In terms of MUSIC, please note on the spreadsheet that we are making space for 6 songs to sing together. A couple are songs that the CM students have been studying, but more Advent-themed songs or other folk songs are welcome!

See the same link as last time for the SPREADSHEET with other details about the evening and SIGN UP! It will be sent again to you via email to preserve details we don't want public on the web.

We hope to create a festive and delicious spread (even if it is a meatless Friday) to enjoy during our time together. We hope all of you can attend!

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