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Nor'easter Notes...or, if you wish, Snowy Shrove Tuesday Instructions

Well folks, it sounds like it will be snowing an inch an hour for most of our school day. Alas, this means remote learning on Fat Tuesday. Here are some tidbits to help you make the most of the day.

TEACHERS: Please plan to meet with your class according to the schedule pasted below (roughly the normal schedule of your classes). Please use the time you have allotted for your class creatively. If you decide to be on-screen together the whole time, lovely. If you'd prefer a mix of instruction and then using the time slot to assign individuals some kind of work off-screen, also great. Perhaps you check back in with the group on-screen at the end? Fine! We trust you to design something that works well for your group. The amount of homework you assign before Friday should be 'normal.'

As of late, families have seemed to prefer Google Meet. It is easy to create a link and share. We suggest sending along a link for your time slot sooner than later, so that kids can pull up your email tomorrow and easily hop into class.

Obviously there will be no morning meeting, and no Theater.

STUDENTS: Please plan to read through the remote learning policies pasted in below. This is a screenshot from our Policies and Procedures page under the "Who We Are" tab above. Really, parents, please read this with your kids so that we can make the most of this time. WE DO EXPECT THAT ALL STUDENTS ATTEND.

We wish you all a happy, snowy Shrove Tuesday. Please reply with a "Got it" (family name included) so we can be sure you are ready for tomorrow.

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I got it and am setting up a Google Meet for each class.


Hares got it


Kenneys have it! I did set up a google meet for Astronomy and sent it out because I thought I was supposed to. However, I also sent the days assignment and homework so if it is a hardship with computer sharing and such it is definitely NOT necessary!


Garrepys got it.


We've got it! Sara and Lilly

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