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Notes on Payments, Visitors and Grades

Settling back into the normal rhythms yet? It is hard! Hopefully the light of the incarnation is shining in a new way as you resume the everyday.

There are a few things we need to mention.

  1. Miss Lizzy no longer wants to be paid with Venmo or PayPal. This is true for both LCC music fees (which start in February) and private lessons. Please use either Zelle (a very easy, workable electronic option usually available through your bank), or checks. You can find her Zelle username on your family fee schedule. If you choose the paper way to pay, please review the guidelines of how to notify Mrs. Pohlman with appropriate documentation. For LCC payments to Miss Lizzy, we would prefer to avoid cash, as it is very difficult for our record keeping. Let us know if any questions come up!

  2. If you are teaching a JH or High School class, please expect a grading worksheet to come soon as a google doc. It will have guidelines that are hopefully clear, and you can enter your assessment of each child as you noted in your own syllabus. Feel free to get going on that!

  3. Tomorrow we will have a few visitors! Please make them feel welcome, as we do need to grow our community just a bit for next year. We aim to find a way to have visitors which does not disrupt the integrity of what we need to accomplish with our students, so have a look at our VISITORS POLICY when you get a chance. It can be found as a permanent tab under "Who We Are" at the top of the site.

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