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Our plan for a Charlotte Mason-style Elementary Program

As we have discussed at our meetings and in our posts, we hope to serve LCC students in the elementary years with an academic program based on Charlotte Mason's methods.

Our LCC two day program will cover many of the core subjects in a CM education. This will offer families the freedom to cover a host of rich and rigorous 'stand alone' content on the two days Lumen Christi Consortium meets, while reserving three days to homeschool as they wish or see fit on their own.

For those interested in pursuing the 'full feast' of a Charlotte Mason education on all five days of the school week, we are happy to share booklists and schedules for what that would entail at home in both Forms I and II.

This 'either/or' model, we hope, can either mean a 'soup to nuts' CM curriculum for families who welcome that guidance, OR two days of highly enriching material to bolster whatever program a family pursues on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday outside of the Charlotte Mason Method.

The PDF attached here contains both the subjects we plan to cover in Forms I and II at Lumen Christi Consortium across both days, as well as the subjects that would be covered at home if a family were to pursue a 5 day per week CM education. Obviously, the "cover at home" lists can be tossed for families using our 2 CM days as supplement to their own programs.

This reflects only the lists of subjects! More complete booklists and schedules will be crafted over the summer and shared with elementary families. Working out the schedule of which mothers implement which subjects will likely involve a summer meeting, but we look forward to planning our year together!

list of Charlotte Mason program subjects for elem. LCC days
Download PDF • 36KB

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