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Photographs tomorrow for Yearbook...

Hello! This is your reminder that Mrs. Donnelly will be taking photos tomorrow during lunch, and at other times of the day.

AT LUNCH: We can plan to take a photo of all the teachers and mothers, as well as a whole group shot. Maybe we can just plan to eat on the common to make things easy?

Also needed are shots of each "class," meaning a shot of Upper High School, Junior High School, Form I, Form II, and the babies.

If you have not responded to the comments in the last post, PLEASE TELL US HOW MANY YEARBOOKS YOU'D LIKE. Use the comments section on that post please, so the count will all be in one place. We will need to reach out by email to anyone we haven't heard from, so it would be kind of you to save us a step. Thank you!

THERE WILL BE A YEARBOOK MEETING FROM 2-3 p.m. for those who can attend.

All other JH and HS students will be working on The Freedom Tree sketches for Symposium night, so feel free to bring your own paints if you'd like.

Dress in your best!

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