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Please come ready to work and play

Moms, we just want to let you know that we should consider this somewhat as a working meeting, even though we will be lakeside. How delightful! Please bring any planning notebooks you might need, and any questions you may have for us about next year.

As examples of what we will cover, here is a list:

*department meeting for math (text choices, notebooks to use, groups of students, how assessment will work, how exams will work, any relevant homework policies etc.)

*Form I and II math folks should meet to brainstorm concepts and games we want to cover next year.

*History 'pre-department-meeting' to prep for our real meeting with Mr. V.

*Picture study artists for the year (bring your calendars to weigh in on when you want to teach your artist)

*Choosing the planner/gradebook for teachers who teach Forms 3-6 (LCC will provide these so we want you to choose the most useful version)

*Scheduling adjustments/issues

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11 Jul 2023

Got it. -Jena

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