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The Poet for the first half of Martinmas Term is Joyce Kilmer. The following poems will be read on Tuesdays and Fridays to the Forms I and II children:


The House with Nobody in It

The Blackbird and his Mate who Died in the Spring


Main Street

Saint Laurence

The Snowman in the Yard

A Blue Valentine

Dave Lilly

St Alexis

Here is a link to a collection of Kilmer's poetry on Project Gutenberg to get you through the first half of the term at home:

We strongly suggest doing poetry, as Miss Mason did, for 5 minutes each day with all of the children. The upper forms will benefit greatly from this exposure. It is as simple as reading a poem from the term poet each day, thinking a little, and reading it once more if time allows. Just 5 minutes! You may find yourself discussing these poems together at dinner.

Normally, the different Forms studied different poets to suit their reading/analysis abilities, but Kilmer is a great place to jump in for all of the Forms. We will eventually provide a cycle of poetry for each Form, even though only Forms I and II will get it at LCC. You can use this or skip it as you like!

In the next half of the term we will be reading a selection of poems from the Middle Ages to support that History stream. Many are anonymous, but we thought it would be fruitful to have the 'sound' of the period in our ears, even if it is from an array of poets. We will provide an entire packet when the time comes.

Happy Reading!

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