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Schedule for OURSELVES reading...please begin!

Remember, drop your notebooks for a quick peek each Friday in the bin!

Here is the promised schedule for those of you who will read "Self Knowledge" with Mrs. Hare and Mrs. Hughes. Please note that we have to hustle a little more in the next couple weeks than the rest of the year to get ready for our first Citizenship Tea, but these readings are very manageable. If you are reading straight from a different copy of "Ourselves," please note that you must figure out how to pace yourself to arrive at the same spot by the Citizenship Tea.

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SENT $20 for a copy of "Self Knowledge", PLEASE DO. All of the methods of paying LCC through Mr. Conner are fine. Note what the fee is for, if you can.

If you would like to print this schedule, check back later today and it will be posted right here to download and print. (sorry...have to get it...)

Here is a look, though!

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