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Scouting at LCC

Charlotte Mason was good friends with Baden Powell, the father of the scouting movement in England, and the world. Scouting has a rich history, and the notion of making young people competent, servant-minded, and dutiful is a worthy one. In our day there is rather a sordid mess around scouting, but we hope we can look back to its robust beginnings and original values as we embark on sharing this part of the feast with our children.

In the words of on of Miss Mason's PNEU educators: "General Baden-Powell’s extensive scouting scheme is included in the curriculum of the Parents’ Union School. The scheme has nothing whatever to do with soldiering, but it has been set on foot with the idea of making good citizens of our boys and girls. The acquisition of all kinds of scientific knowledge comes under the head of ” Scout Craft,” and there are many games suggested in the hand-book Scouting for Boys, which are taken up by children with great zeal. The ” Scout Law ” is based upon the old laws of chivalry, and a true scout must put God, honour, duty, and the sacrifice of self before all. Thus scouting gives an attractive occupation in the open air, resulting in alertness and independence, and also affords moral training.” (Cooper/346)

Please see the notes below from Mrs. Holmquist and Mrs. Donnelly about how we will begin to approach Scouting at LCC. Scouting will be offered most afternoons for 8 students at a time (unless otherwise decided upon on a given day). Please discuss this with your students, and for those who may be eager, how they might take on scouting while balancing this with other afternoon activities. May our efforts glorify God!

  1. To be loyal to God and Country

  2. To help other people at all times

  3. To obey the scout law

LCC Scouting for Ages 9+ boys & girls -Mrs. Donelly & Mrs. Holmquist

A trained scout will see little signs and tracks, he puts them together in his mind and quickly reads a meaning from them such as an untrained man would never arrive at.” Scouting for Boys, Baden-Powell, 1908

The work to be done with scouting covers many areas and is accomplished over many years. We will begin at LCC by offering one scout craft and one part of the scout law at a time. These can be practiced at home and at LCC. When the child thinks they have memorized and understood the law, they can present themselves for a test to become a scout. Once they are a scout they can begin earning badges of honor by becoming proficient in scout craft.

Tuesday at Shaw Farm Scouting Craft

  • Observation, Tracking

  • Reading signs, Deduction

  • Wilderness survival

  • Forestry

  • Weather

  • Hiking, Backpacking

Friday at St. Paul’s Campsite Scouting Craft

  • Scout Law (eventually patrol flags & badges)

  • Fire Starting

  • Wood Chopping

  • Camp Cooking

  • Making Shelter/pitching a tent

  • Knot Tying

  • First Aid/Life Saving

  • Marksmanship

  • Observation

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Sep 11, 2023

This is a nice use of both properties! Are you going to stick with calling it Scout Craft (instead of Scouting?). this might sound fiddly but it will have meaning when I talk to my eligible kids (and husband) about it. - Jackie

Christina Wassell
Christina Wassell
Sep 11, 2023
Replying to

Haha, Jackie I was wondering if you meant your people would just dislike the use of the term "crafts" as in 'artsy craftsy' as opposed to the more robust terms Susan is employing. I love the old-school term when it comes into play, but only because I like things that smack of the historic. We are definitely doing 'scouting' as the title of the post implies, but the STUFF the scouts work on and learn does seem to appropriately fall under the term 'scout craft.' Honestly I doubt it will come up much, right? 🤣

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