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Secret Santa and Sweets to Share on 12/15! AND yearbook photos to finish!

Please read this note from Mrs. Donnely about Special Festivities coming up at LCC:


In thinking about the approaching break and Christmas season we thought we’d try a secret Santa. We hope that it will feel like everyone at LCC, friends and teachers, all get a special gift this year.

Because of the size of our group, (100 people-from babies to moms and teachers!) I will generate the list of who you will buy or make a gift for this year and send the lists out by family.

Stay tuned for your family’s secret Santa list coming to you soon via email!

We certainly don’t want families spending lots of money on gifts so anything homemade is strongly encouraged. A card, a small watercolor painting, a special craft, a handmade ornament or homemade treat would all be lovely.

If you’d rather buy something, the money limit will be set at

$3-5/gift. Some ideas for 'boughten gifts' are pencils, notecards, colored pens, a gift card, chocolates or candy, a bouncy ball, or a small toy.

There are some people with food allergies in our group. I will note that on the family Secret Santa lists.

Again, the focus isn’t on the amount spent but that each person at LCC is thought of and receives a special gift from their Secret Santa.

Have fun and get creative!

The exchange will take place at lunchtime on 12/15, our last day before Christmas break begins.

***Some folks also like to make cards for teachers and friends and should feel free to do that for all the people you wish. ***


We will plan on having a buffet style dessert table at lunchtime on that last Friday as well.

The hope is to have:

~3-4 families bring cups and a special drink to share, such as a crockpot of hot cocoa, cider or some eggnog.

~the rest of the families please bring a dessert to share with the group. Christmas cookies, brownies, cake, etc.

Please sign up in the comments on this post.

Looking forward to sharing some treats as we receive our Secret Santa gifts and having a special last day together before break!


Finishing up individual yearbook photos!

I need to finish up the individual photos, so if you or any of your children have not had your individual photo taken yet please be ready tomorrow.

Thanks so much!

-Mrs. Donnelly

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New details coming on our lunch gathering tomorrow.

Look for the post today. We now do NOT need families to bring drinks or desserts. If you’ve already made something feel free to still bring it if you’d like, but the Divine Mercy Hospitality group will be providing drinks and desserts for us tomorrow.


Susan Holmquist
Susan Holmquist
Dec 04, 2023

Wonderful! Holmquists will bring peppermint bark to share for dessert on the 15th.

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