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See you tomorrow! A few details...

Greetings LCC families! We are eager to begin our school year tomorrow! There are a few details we want you to have at your fingertips to make it all run smoothly.

#1. We ask that you arrive as close to 8:45 as possible. In Sutton, we should not arrive earlier than this for Marie's sake (the secretary who opens the building). If you are early, please just wait in the car. We will begin our morning assembly promptly at 9am. Arriving early enough to be settled by this time will be crucial tomorrow.

#2. Please meet us in the large open room in the basement at the end of the hallway for our assembly. Normally you will proceed directly to your morning classrooms.

#3. Please do not forget your lunches and water bottles. We will leave all lunches in the main hall, where all eating will take place. You may keep water bottles with you. More on food later...

#4. Tomorrow each student will be given an LCC planner, pictured above and below. Teachers should be prepared to walk students through dating the page and noting down homework at the end of each class. You will need to save a couple minutes to do this! Parents should be prepared to help/remind students about using their planners at home.

#5. Please read the contract documents which we will post later today before you arrive with your students. We all want to be able to sign these documents in good faith, so we beg you to take this seriously. These are contracts that bind us together in a unified purpose and commitment to pursue education with one another with all of the strength, grace, and integrity we can muster.

#6. For CM elementary students, please bring your rain gear! Even though our first day will pose a big weather challenge, we will spend at least a little bit of time outside on the common. Wear a raincoat and rain boots (or crocs...or some other 'can get wet' shoes) in preparation for that.

And with that, see you tomorrow morning at 8:45! (Contracts on the way soon)

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