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Slides of our last meeting on June 17th...with updated class lists.

Included here at the bottom is a link to a pdf version of the slides we viewed together. This pdf is only available to our Lumen Christi families under the share settings for the sake of privacy.

Please note: the class list slides now reflect the feedback you gave us during the meeting regarding teachers and students.

Please check through each class list to determine that your students are listed correctly. If you see a question mark, please let us know your final decisions as soon as you can.

We need a JH science instructor as well as an Algebra 1 teacher and a helper for Theater. If we use someone from within our ranks it will be more affordable, but we can also explore a hire. Is anyone inclined to do this? (feel free to explore the curriculums we list on the JH Science page). Please consider and let us know.

Please feel send us any names you can think of regarding interested parties, especially if it would help us meet a teaching need or fill out some of our upper high school classes. Thank you, as always for any help or insight you have to offer.

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