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Snow Rain Snow Rain Snow

Hello to all. Just a quick note to assure you that we are very aware tomorrow will likely cancel. We are a tiny bit hesitant to make the call just yet, in case the rain lasts longer than our school day before shifting into snow. Hopefully you can humor us! It will just stink to Zoom in the rain and then see the flakes start after we would have been home. Unlikely based on current reports, but this is New England.

Please know we are also watching with an eye toward what our more northerly members will be facing. Don't worry, we love and need all of you too much to make you take a risk! Please look for a post this evening around 8pm with the final call on cancellation.

Teachers, probably a good idea to get your Zoom/GoogleMeet plans ready.

Happy prepping!

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13. maalisk. 2023

Got it.


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