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Streams of Science and History, & other changes to the website

Perhaps you can already tell, there are some changes to our site! While the bones of it remain the same, hopefully it seems a bit spruced up.

We especially want to draw your attention to a new section of the menu bar called

'Curriculum Notes.'

This heading will bring you to either a grid of Charlotte Mason resources, for those of you interested, or a dropdown menu below called 'Streams.' Here you will find important information about how we will structure our Science and History courses next year. There are 2 buttons on the Streams page which lead to charts that lay out a 3 year schema for both Science and History.

Please take some time to look at and understand these charts. While they are 'rough sketches,' they capture the way we hope to move forward with our curriculum. We do have plans in place to help older high school students finish up their transcripts with 'normal' year-long courses. However, our younger students should be able to move pretty seamlessly into a streams-based curriculum.

We hope the explanation on the page helps to explain why!

Once you've poked around and absorbed the charts, please feel free to ask questions and make comments here. While we will likely discuss further curriculum topics at lunch, we can use this space as well. Who knows, others may have the same questions as you! If you ask them here, the answers can be shared with the whole group.

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