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Syllabus Note in general...and a time sensitive download for ALL SCIENCE students

A quick note to remind families to READ OVER EVERY SYLLABUS YOU GET. We don't want anyone to be surprised about history quizzes, (which require you to be both prepared and ON TIME FOR CLASS) for example, or robust reading assignments from Mr. Bleecker. In these first few weeks of school, looking over assignments with your students to PLAN how to execute the work will be crucial to setting up good habits for the year, and getting students to the next LCC day with work complete and minds ready to participate.

Second, you should have received an email for ANY OF YOUR FORMS 3-6 SCIENCE STUDENTS. There is a study guide, purchased by LCC for each student, and you must download it before the link expires. Teachers may use these differently (or not at all) but we need you to have them downloaded on your computers ready to go should the need arise. The inconvenience will fall to your teacher or the Conner household should you fail to complete this task. Please save these guides in a folder on your computer where you will be able to find them.

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