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Symposium is on for tomorrow night!

Mrs. Conner has been so blessed by all of your prayers! She looks great, and is having a nice day of rest at home with her family taking good care of her. We continue to pray for full healing and pain relief!

As regards our Symposium tomorrow night, she thinks we should just go ahead. She will, of course, be very sorry to miss all of the interesting papers and presentations, recitations and community singing! Schedules are such tricky things though, and for both her family and all of yours it is probably wise to keep to our date.

Thank you for your continued prayers as our fearless leader heals. I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, both day and night!

Please R.S.V.P. if you have not yet, so we can have a good head count.

St. Scholastica, pray for us. Saints of Bethany, pray for us. Peace be with you all.

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