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Symposium Night Approaches

On October 21st we will gather for our Autumn Symposium! All immediate family members are cordially invited, and especially LCC students are strongly encouraged to attend.

The following spells out the details of exactly what Symposium entails and offers some guidance on the opportunity Symposium presents for students at each level.

But first, WHAT IS THE POINT? The ethos we hope to capture is that of:

*growing in virtue,

*fostering wonder &

*building culture.

As students prepare to share notebooks, recitations, presentations and papers, it is worth noting that our aim is to wonder together about God, the natural world, human nature, and the transcendent.

This wonder can be demonstrated in the humblest painting of a mushroom observed by our youngest children on a nature walk, or in a well articulated argument about the merits of a Greek hero in Homer by an older student. We come together as a community to ask questions and to wrestle with truth. We come together to enjoy beautifully read poems that capture the sweetness of something here on earth, or the sadness we must sometimes bear. This spirit of humble inquiry, and the excitement of sharing ideas together should drive our Symposium Nights. Even our singing can be done in a spirit of communal joy, and in celebration of this life together.

ELEMENTARY STUDENTS: The Charlotte Mason Forms I and II children are invited to recite poems early in the evening. There are sign up slots on the google doc to note titles, authors, and the length of poems (please no doubles in an evening!). There are enough slots for each child to read. This is NOT required, but all are heartily welcome to recite. Please note that recitation is different from memorization. No one is required to memorize, but rather, to share as beautifully as one can a prepared poem. The youngest who cannot read memorize necessarily, but students who can read may certainly use a text for their recitation. Prepare your poems as things of beauty to offer the group, and choose worthy poems that capture an image or idea we can all reflect on. Your recitation is not a trick to be performed, but rather a chance to share something wonderful. Parents, please help your child make this selection, emphasizing offering over performance as your student prepares.

JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS: Students in the JH courses are invited to share a presentation. Examples would be a brief address about the life and times of a poet, with a few bits of the poet's work, a report that dives into a specialized topic touched upon in the history or science courses (e.g. battle tactics of the Trojan War, Egyptian embalming practices, or the characteristics of plants in the mint family), or even a beautifully executed geometric proof or math equation! The point is to share some knowledge gleaned from the term so that we can all enjoy it together. Presentations should be a tight 5 minutes in length, with a couple additional minutes allotted for questions from the assembly. There are 2 slots per Symposium dedicated to JH presentations.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: It should feel like a rite of passage for our students to share polished ideas in the form of essays and creative pieces. This right is reserved for our more experienced writers, which is why they must wait until High School. These essays should be 3-5 pages in length and should be carefully revised examples of work. Time will be taken for questions from the assembly, which often yields an open conversation. Our high school writers should especially choose work that captures the delight of inquiry, and work which will generate discussion. Their pieces should also evidence the fortitude required for polished writing. There are 2 slots for HS essays and 1-2 slots for HS creative pieces per Symposium.

Stay tuned for a link in your email to sign up for a slot to present! This email will also share directions to the venue in Millbury and other details about sharing food and drink, etc.

Please also use this link to list any hymns or folk songs you plan to share with the group, and bring 25 copies to pass around so we can all sing along.

We are very much looking forward to our very first Symposium under the Lumen Christi Consortium banner!

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05 окт. 2022 г.

I'm new to symposium nights. they sound fabulous. Could two of the elementary kids (siblings, specifically my form one kiddos) do a recitation together? or is this solo work?


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