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Symposium Shift...

Alas, due to much illness running through our community we have decided to move our Symposium Night to allow folks to get well. We have managed to check in with most of you, and it seems the majority of us will be able to attend on:

An Ember Day of Advent

Wednesday, December 14th

at 6:30 p.m.

Location has shifted and is noted on the spreadsheet.

We still require low profile chairs for this event, preferable folding-chair sized. In the spirit of Advent and for the sake of our hosts, please keep snacks to simple finger foods that don't need utensils.

Very much looking forward to it! It will be exciting to see group presentations by Miss Lizzy's medieval singers and by the Forms I and II Swedish Drill students!

Please join us in praying for health in this time!

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