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Symposium Sign-Ups

The first Martinmas Term Symposium is fast approaching, and now is your chance to give us a peek at what you will share that evening! (another way to think of it is to CLAIM a spot, or a poem). Young essay writers, be COURAGEOUS! We are eager to hear and discuss a few papers, and to encourage you in your writing, wherever you are!

Please remember, the WHOLE POINT of Symposium is to share and celebrate knowledge acquired during the term. Lumen Christi Consortium thrives on IDEAS, and sharing truth, goodness and beauty with one another is the whole point. As you consider what to share, cast away vanity! Focus instead on what might delight our community. What little offering that you can share will inspire others as they leave that evening?

We have a NEW OPPORTUNITY! In the beginning of the evening, and during the break for snacks, we'd like to offer a chance for a PIANO STUDENT to share a little repertoire of prepared pieces. This will serve as the ambiance music while folks mill around to enjoy notebooks and other items on display (sloyd models! brush drawing pieces! etc.). If you are a practiced musician (likely junior high and high school?) who can offer a series of pieces to fill this time, please sign up for a slot! (there are 2). We will see how this experiment goes.

HERE is the LINK to the Symposium Sign-Up sheet. It is shared with only LCC community members, and likely the most used mom-address that we have. If you are having trouble accessing it, send along a share request when it pops up and we will share with our community.

Bring your SINGING voices! We are preparing a little list of songs based in the work you are doing already, but if we get on a roll and you'd like to bring a hymn or folk song to share, please do bring along copies for us.

LOCATION IS NOTED ON THE SIGN UP SHEET. It should be a festive and delightful Autumn evening.

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