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Symposium! Your reply is required...

We would so appreciate it if all families could reply to the Symposium spread sheet. The original email was sent by Erin Conner on Oct 5 with the subject: Oct. 21Symposium night details. (We include this so you can look it up and find the signup link!) Please reach out if you need help finding it. If you cannot attend, please indicate this in the space provided.

We need to plan for seating, and also the order of presentations, readings, etc. If you could kindly take care of this as soon as possible we would be much obliged.

Your short list of what to bring is:

Your NOTEBOOKS! Including the following: •Nature study notebook •Book of centuries •History archives •Commonplace books •Botany archives

If you have some kind of stand for each one, or at least one for each child, please do bring it (and maybe write your name on the back).

Any materials your students need in order to read—the poetry book, a printout of their recitation selections, the copy of the essay to be read, etc.

Any copies of SONGS you hope to share with the group (please sign up using the link...which is linked on the signup spreadsheet)

FOOD & DRINK! Unfussy savory snacks, desserts, or drinks (wine and beer are fine; seltzer, cider, etc. for the children) to share.

We are excited to gather together!

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Christina Wassell
Christina Wassell
Oct 17, 2022

So sorry for a misprint earlier up there with the wrong date and subject line. These are the hazards of nursing and posting!

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