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Thank you for a great meeting!

You were all so kind to come, and to endure! For those of you who couldn't make it, we missed you! Please see the attached PDF of the slideshow to get a peek at what we talked about. The conversations were so helpful, and really we answered many of the concerns and questions raised in the meeting. We value the chance to work with such a seasoned group of moms, and truly appreciate the likemindedness and charity that marks our consortium.

Agenda for June Meeting, to plan year 2023-2024
Download PDF • 13.39MB

As promised, there is a google form nearly ready to go out to gather your opinions on a few of the issues we raised. We hope you'll be frank and honest. We will take your thoughts into consideration as we line up final policies and decisions for the year. Expect to see a link in your email.

Please keep June 30th on the calendar for your final commitments and the $300 family fee.

Enjoy summer!

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